Now that some cute animal memes got your attention.

Are you looking to lose weight? Get in shape? Become healthier? Sure you are, everyone is. Now, for the better question. Are you ready to actually do something to lose weight? Get in shape and become healthier? Ah, the big difference between wanting something and doing something about it.

I started thinking about this today as our collective social media following has hit a number that dwarfs the actual membership of the gym. Meaning that there are more people out there thinking about Optimal, “like”ing the results that our trainers can provide, “loving” our pictures and posts; and virtually attending the gym, than actually do.

Don’t get me wrong we love every bit of social media interaction we get, but we love in person showing up and getting things done interactions even more. No one has ever said I lost 10 pounds from Liking workout memes, you don’t drop a dress size from Loving Instagram photos of other people exercising and no amount of hashtags are going to lower your cholesterol.

This month we are going to try and motivate those bystanders into making an actual move toward getting in the gym. You have had enough thinking about it, you have made enough excuses and given enough Likes, Loves and whatever else the kids are doing today, pokaballing?

Come in, join today and maybe in a few weeks it will be your pictures and results that are attracting all the virtual gym watchers and their Likes.

As an added bonus and to encourage those social media members even more. We are giving away 4 free personal training sessions if you click the “Membership” tab above and Join Online. This is limited to the first 5 people to do it. Come on, we gave you animal memes and free training, what are you waiting for.