The Optimal Team

the stevesSteven and Steve K, the Optimal Owners

Welcome to your new health club. I’m Steve and I’m truly excited you chose Optimal for your new fitness journey. I am a true believer in a fitness lifestyle, that is why my entire staff is dedicated to helping you in whatever way that they can. I wholeheartedly hope that you feel welcome here and that we live up to your standards of excellence. If I can ever help with anything, don’t hesitate to come find me.

Steven, Co-Owner of Optimal

Thanks for choosing Optimal as your new fitness escape. We hope that you feel at ease and un-judged here. I am a firm believer in the advantages of seeking help when it comes to getting healthy. We are here to provide that help in a multitude of unique and creative ways. I pride myself on being a hands-on owner when it comes to each member. If you ever need to talk out a problem with your membership, I don’t make you jump through all kinds of hoops. You can come and talk to me. Which is a big difference between Optimal and a corporate, faceless gym.

Steve Koenig, Co-Owner of Optimal




3 Terri lane
Burlington, NJ 08016

Mon – Fri: 5:30am-10pm
Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 8am-4pm



The Optimal Trainers

Toby-RichardsonToby Richardson

Joe-SenniJoe Senni

Vanessa-SenniVanessa Senni

Justin-Bonner-LuiJustin Bonner-Lui

Tara-WayTara Way

Kyle-SemmelKyle Semmel

The Front Desk Staff

Barbara Steacy

Noelle Dicioccio

Angel Bassel