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Our Optimal Plan
From the very first day we have believed in the idea that everyone should have a chance to look and feel the way they want. So we we looked at other Health Clubs and asked, what can we do better? Our answer is short and sweet. Make a place where everyone that walks through the door is treated the same…. Like they are at home….. Our plan is to continue to provide a home away from home if you will, where you can come and work on your fitness needs and destress from the day to day problems.

The Optimal Mission
Our mission is to foster a friendly and comfortable environment where people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds can come to get the help they need to make a positive change. Our goal is to give you a superior health club experience. We specialize in weight loss and results oriented training. Optimal Sport Health Club is focused on the health and wellness of its members throughout the Burlington county area, including Lumberton, Willingboro and Mount Holly. Our club offers unparalleled guest service, personalized attention from our staff of professional fitness experts, a variety of group fitness classes and state of the art equipment. Our facilities are well maintained with affordable rates and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Focusing on the health and wellness of its members throughout the Burlington county area,including Lumberton, Willingboro and Mount Holly.

We’re not just a gym – we’re your health advocates!

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Optimal Sport Health Club