Nine years of experience and 20 plus challenges have led to the creation of The Optimal Transformation.

What is the Optimal Transformation?

It is a 4 month,4 time a week training program designed to help participants lose weight and get healthier. Each week participants will Meet one-on-one with members of our fitness team, working out and going over their varying areas of expertise. Focus will be given to strength conditioning, cardio improvement, recovery and rehabilitation, and nutrition. Giving each participant a full and diverse training regimen. The team aspect along with a dose of healthy competition will motivate people to reach their goals. Post program incentives are also added for continual growth and improvement.

We are looking for competitors who are ready to make a change in their lifestyles. This is by no means an easy process to go through and will take commitment and desire. Ideal candidates will have between 25-100 pounds to lose. It is a multi-step interview process to make sure that this is the right fit for both you and our trainers.

If you think that The Optimal Transformation is the right choice for you fill out the application here or call Steve at 609-880-3885