Optimal Training

Visit Optimal Health Club in Burlington, NJ for Personal Training!

Who is an Optimal Trainer?
An Optimal Trainer is not your run of the mill cookie cutter trainer. They come from a diverse fitness background and are results driven specialists. They are by far the best weapon in conquering your fitness goals. We pride ourselves on our Optimal Trainers and their ability to give clients not only the help they need, but the emotional and mental support that is essential on their fitness journeys.

What is Optimal Training?
Optimal Training encompasses a wide variety of specialties. While weight loss is the most common, we have trainers that work on muscle gain, toning, endurance, sports specific training, flexibility and injury recovery. We are able to adjust and taylor these programs to our clients specific needs.

One-on-One Personal Training

One on one personal training is by far the most effective way to get the results you want from your gym experience. Personal trainers develop a plan that will work for specifically you. Your trainer will lead you, educate you and keep you accountable for your actions. Clients meet with trainers a few times per week to workout and to update them on their progress. Your trainer is in charge of getting you healthier and looking better.

Why should I use a personal trainer?
You should use a personal trainer for many different reasons. The most obvious is that they know what they are doing. They know exactly what exercises, levels and pace to effectively get the job done. They are also going to hold you accountable for your actions in and out of the gym. Keeping you motivated and not wanting to stray off into unhealthy habits. They are going to keep you coming, because they don't accept giving up. When you have a personal trainer, you are asking someone to help fight the battle alongside of you.

What will I get out of my personal training?
Optimal Trainers have a lot of different resources with which to draw from in helping you. We encourage that they and you make use of them all.

  • Customization - your workouts, diet, and entire program will be custom designed to work for you.
  • Private Training Studio - we have lots of space for our trainers and clients to work.
  • Progress Tracking - measurements, weight, exercise levels, etc...
  • Nutritional Counseling and Food Journal Analysis
  • Accountability Sheets - making sure you are putting in the effort when on your own and showing up to the gym.
  • Homework - workouts and exercises to do when on your own at the gym or when you are unable to make it in.
  • Flexibility - you get to decide when you meet with your trainer, no excuse why you can't find a time that works.

How do I start with personal trainer?
We invite those who are interested in working with a trainer to have a meeting and a trial session with one of our personal trainers before they commit to becoming a client. We want people to feel comfortable with the person whom they are entrusting with their personal health and well-being.
Call at 609-239-6900 to get started.